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Project Description

A few D3D9 mesh tools I wrote in C# utilizing SlimDX.

At the moment this app has three main functions:
  1. Optimize Blender exported meshes.
  2. Create outline meshes for celshaded graphics.
  3. Transform meshes.

General Questions And Answers

Q: Is there an installation package?
A: No. I've just started the Project. You will need the latest SlimDX Developer SDK and Visual C# 2008 EE (or better). I will provide some installers, don't worry.

Q: How do I optimize meshes?
  • Start the application.
  • Choose your mesh.
  • Optional: Choose where you want to save the optimized mesh.
  • Click on "Binary", "Compressed" or "Text" to save the mesh in binary, compressed or text format.

Q: How do I create outline meshes?
  • Copy D3D9MeshTools.cs to your project.
  • Include the namespace where you need it or rename the namespace in D3D9MeshTools.cs to your projects namespace.
  • Use the static function CreateOutline(...) to create a new outline mesh. You don't need to create an instance of this class.

Q: It doesn't work. I can't create outline meshes. What am I doing wrong?
A: Your mesh might have an unsupported vertex format. Supported vertex formats are (at the moment):
  • PositionNormal
  • PositionNormal | Diffuse
  • PositionNormal | Texture1
In order to create a perfect outline the function needs the normal data. The function moves vertices along the normal to create a bold looking mesh. Scaled meshes look awful.

Q: What was the initial reason for this project?
A: My reasons:
  • First of all, I needed some outlines around my celshaded meshes. I didn't like the other methods (shaders (looks awful or is too complex for my needs), wireframe, edge lists etc.) for drawing outlines.
  • Blender's export function generates a lot of duplicate vertices and I didn't want to dive into Python scripts. Also, I guess C# is faster then Python.

Q: Have you stopped working on this project?
A: No, but I add functions only if I need them. So, as long as no other person joins this project there won't be an update until I need something.

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